Lord Atum

Aliases: The All, The Great One, Perfection, The First

Lord Atum was the first immortal produced from the depths of NUN. He was blessed with the powers of the cosmos as his to command. He rarely interferes in the affairs of immortals, and never in the affairs of mortals, as he considers those actions to be beneath him. The Great One, in his infinite wisdom, created the Sword of Atum which remains the only weapon in the multi-verse with the power to slay an immortal birthed from NUN. With the power of creation his while entrusting the rule of Taut and the land of Geb to Grand Isis and her husband Osiris prior to his death.


Aliases: King of the Dead

Osiris, along with his wife Grand Isis were appointed to care for the mortals on the land of Geb, and to rule the dimension of Taut, home of the immortals, in The Great Ones stead. Osiris’s power was in his brilliance, and he utilized his fantastic mind to foster the development of mortals from unintelligible creatures to sentient beings capable of tremendous accomplishments. This culminated when Osiris assisted mortals in the development of the great pyramids in Egypt, to capitalize on the geometric forces within the center of the monuments. These forces combined with the light of Grand Isis, would power Osiris’s greatest creation, a dimensional portal, which would serve as a virtual “Gateway to the Gods”. This portal would allow mortals to be transported to Taut, the dimension of the immortals. Osiris was never able to witness his creation come to life however, as he was slain by Seth immediately prior to it’s activation. Unbeknownst to either Osiris or Seth however, was the fact The Queen and her King had conceived.


Aliases: The Deceiver, Anunnkai, The Destroyer, Lord Seth, Lord Chaos

As one of the original immortals birthed from NUN, Seth has always coveted that which could never be his, which was the power to shape the cosmos. A power possessed by none other but The Great One himself. As Lord Atum was first immortal NUN blessed with life, Seth was the next. Where Lord Atum was blessed with power, Seth was graced with cunning, as he was the opposite to his brother in most every way. Seth’s cravings for power have sent him on a desperate mission to learn the secrets of NUN, secrets even The Great One himself has yet to decipher. Seth will stop at nothing to usurp power from his brother, and his cunning, patience and determination remain his greatest strengths.


Aliases: The Light of Taut, The Queen With no King, Grand Isis

Grand Isis was re-named “The Light of Taut” by The Mighty Ra himself as her beauty and grace flowed from the center of her being to produce a light as bright as the stars. As compassionate as she was beautiful, she took great interest in assisting and protecting the developing mortals on the land of Geb. This led Lord Atum to select her along with her husband Osiris as their stewards to foster their growth. The Light from Grand Isis was permanently extinguished when Seth slew her husband Osiris during the Ceremony of Light. Having conceived with her King and being filled with a new life essence, Isis fled to The Mighty Ra for protection from Seth until Lord Atum’s return from a cosmic journey. Prior to Lord Atum’s return, while under the protection of Ra, Grand Isis had Prince Horus, son of Osiris. To protect him from Seth, Isis hid her son amongst mortals within the land of Egypt, thus forever solidifying her connection to the land of Geb.


Aliases: The Mighty One, The Sun God, The Star of Geb

Ra is an immortal birthed from NUN with the power to command the stars. Second in wielding the power of the cosmos only to Lord Atum himself, Ra is quite similar to his brother in every way. Having been charged by The Great One to command the star of Geb and ensure that the developing mortals are granted steady climates and seasons, Ra is in-tune with both mortals and immortals alike. Using his power to further the will of The Great One, Ra has served the land of Geb and their star system for eons on end. Ra has shown a fondness for mortals, conceiving daughters with the women of Geb. Though rarely entering into a dispute between immortals, it was Ra who ensure the protection of Grand Isis and her son Horus until Seth could receive final judgement from Lord Atum himself.


Aliases: Warmonger, Goddess of Fire, Goddess of War

Sekhmet is a demi-god and daughter of The Mighty Ra. Sekhmet inherited her fathers fierceness and power at an early age, yet unlike her father, Sekhmet held no affinity for mortals. Sekhmet took quickly to the ways of war, proving herself so deadly to mortals that she was removed from Egypt to live amongst the Gods in the dimension of Taut. Though now amongst immortals, Sekhmet remains unsatisfied. Believing herself to be second only to The Great One himself, Sekhmet continues to push for both power and respect from both Gods and Men. Her constant quest frequently leaves her at odds with her father The Might Ra, whose quiet calm lies in stark contrast to Sekhmet’s brazen aggression.


Aliases: The Vile One, The Ferocious One

Sobek is a demi-god from the lineage of Anubis. Like Sekhmet, Sobek spent his early years within the land of Geb in Egypt, prior to living amongst the Gods in Taut. Although Sobek was a descendant from Anubis, he was drawn to, and accepted by both Osiris and Grand Isis. As he was no threat to mortals, Sobek traveled between the dimension of Taut and the land of Geb. Sobek quickly grew impatient with the ways of mortals and became fascinated with the animals on the land of Geb, specifically the crocodiles that populated the Nile River throughout Egypt. Adopting both the ferocity and the merciless attitude of the crocodile, Sobek became known for this cruelty to mortals and his brashness with immortals. His demeanor had become so vile that he fell out of the graces of Osiris and his Queen Isis. It was however, their rebuke of Sobek that appeared to kindle an interest from Anubis, thus finally connecting the demi-god with his father.


Aliases: The Jackal, The Last Sight

As an immortal, Anubis has been drawn to the finite world of mortals within the land of Geb. Like Lord Atum and Seth before him, Anubis is also fascinated with the secrets of NUN. His fascination however, has taken him in a different direction than his immortal brothers. Anubis believes that only death can shed light on life, and enable him to learn the secrets of NUN. Consequently, being unable to bring a final death to an immortal, Annubis began to search for the secrets of NUN through the deaths of mortals throughout the land of Geb. Annubis’s reputation as a harbinger of death grew rapidly amongst mortals. So much so, that he is often referenced as “The Last Sight” meaning those who have the misfortune to see Anubis will most likely never see another thing again. Anubis’s desire for the secrets of NUN can only be matched by his desire for the goddess Isis. A desire so strong, that it was Anubis who assisted Seth in his plot to retrieve the Sword of Atum and kill his rival Osiris.


Aliases: Joyous one, Bringer of Peace

Hathor is the most beloved Goddess in all of Taut. With malice towards none, and a genuine love for immortals and mortals alike, Hathor brought joy to whomever she touched. Hathor played an integral role in assisting Grand Isis to recover from the loss of her King and her Son, thus cementing Isis’s maternal relationship with Hathor for agest to come. Hathor’s affect on mortals is powerful. Hathor’s mere presence amongst mortals would bring them comfort and love, so much so, that as a child she was worshiped by Egyptian Royalty. A demigoddess and daughter of The Mighty Ra, Hathor has consistently displayed love and affection for mortals, while bearing no resemblance in character to her sister, the warmongering Sekhmet.


Aliases: The Protector

Bastet is known by the mortals as The Protector. Like her sister Hathor, Bastet believes that the nurturing and the development of mankind is a crucial task and she has been assigned by her father The Mighty Ra to do just that. Bastet’s actions are in stark contrast to her sister Sekhmet, as Bastet is a bringer of peace, charged with diffusing conflicts amongst mortals. Bastet is often represented by the symbol of the cat as she possesses transformative abilities to resemble a lioness when in battle. Rarely seen in Taut, Bastet is one of the few demi-gods choosing to dwell amongst the mortals of the earth as opposed to surrounding herself within the glory of Taut. Bastet is a true champion throughout the land of Geb fulfilling the role she is destined to play.

Man of Science

Brilliant, powerful and mysterious, the Man of Science is the center of this story. As a former child prodigy who studied astrological physics, the Man of Science was recruited at an exceptionally young age to work in and eventually head multiple space and technology departments, most of which are covert. Little is known of his past and even less is known of his present. Even his very name remains a mystery to all but those with the highest government security clearance.

Dr. Barbra Ford

The Man of Science has often said “Of all the nameless and faceless PhD’s that work in my departments, it is only Dr. Ford who has made an impression.” As brilliant as she is beautiful, Dr. Ford consistently proves herself worthy to work alongside her mentor with both her talent and intellect. An intellect that The Man of Science is beginning to suspect may match his own. Dr. Ford has been known to be fiercely loyal to her mentor, and will defend and protect him at all costs.